Walden-7: an utopian project

In the outskirts of Barcelona, we find the iconic Walden-7 created by Ricardo Bofill‘s architecture studio in the 1970s. The project was conceived as an utopian attempt to build a communal building, a city inspired by the kasbahs in Morocco and bee hives. It was designed by a multidisciplinar group of professionals ranging from engineers and architects, to psychologists and philosophers. They tried to come up with the perfect community, a building adapted to its environment and its people, a building that could strengthen the bonds between neighbors.

The terracotta coloured exterior of Walden-7 contrasts with the bright shades of green and blue that cover all the inner walls. A maze of corridors, stairs, terraces and bridges leads you to the upper rooftops, were the views of the old cement factory, which used to stand in this place, makes you think about the changes cities undergo, like evolving creatures that adapt to what citizens need.

Enjoy our photographic diary of such inspiring visit

Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy

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