August: Peach and sugar – Patterns are for summer

August, the turning point in the late summer.
It seems possible to remain in these days forevercaught in this golden season where time runs backwards.

Summer fashion is mainly anarchic, from minimalist and pure lines to safari trends for city explorers and fancy beach sandals with toucan patterns.

No other season lights with so great joy the burning pire of dress codes!


Contraponientes / de melocotón y azúcar,
y el sol dentro de la tarde / como el hueso en una fruta.
La panocha guarda intacta / su risa amarilla y dura.
Los niños comen / pan moreno y rica luna.


Agosto – Federico García Lorca (Jun. 1898 – Aug. 1936)

Zum weißen Engel Art Nouveau pharmacy – Oskar Laske


Photography by When Audrey Met Darcy and Electric Percival

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